How to Find Home or Apartment Movers in Texas You Can Trust

From the top-ranked Whispering Pines Course in Trinity to the beautiful Escondido Golf Club at Horseshoe Bay, Texas has some incredible golf course communities to call home. The key to discovering a great golf course community is location, but finding a trustworthy moving company to help you get settled in requires research. When you are looking for a moving company, you need to ensure that your valuables won’t break or get damaged. Before you sign an agreement and hire expert movers, do your research and follow the checklist for contracting movers based on these guidelines. Here are our tips for finding the best moving companies in Texas to assist with your next relocation:

1. Ask for Advice

If you aren’t certain on how to get great movers, you may get surprised to realize that an Internet search is not the paramount place to begin. It’s important to look for referrals from friends and co-workers who have previously used a local moving company in Texas. You can contact your best buddies or post questions on Facebook or Twitter. This will help you narrow your search to trusted, reputable moving companies

Real estate representatives (like us!) are an alternative source of moving referrals. They are knowledgeable about and often work with movers when their clients are in need of moving services. Here are our top Texas moving picks for San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Austin movers:

Einstein Moving Company
9200 Brown Ln
Austin, TX 78754
(512) 815-8781
TX DOT #006604158C
US DOT #2193963

Elephant Moving and Storage
6110 Trade Center Dr Suite 101A
Austin, TX 78744
(512) 442-6622
TX DOT #000613531B
US DOT #1710619

You can also use online reference sites such as Yelp, Kudzu, Angie’s List, and Better Business Bureau to check customers’ reviews.

2. Make Calls

Once you have chosen three moving firms that appear like secure bets, call them to get pricing information and schedule an in-home estimate. Also, you should deal with companies that have offices and are willing to send a representative to your residence to do an estimated cost. Avoid companies that do estimates on the phone since they are more likely to low-ball your estimate.

Further, use their registration number to check their record. Make sure they have enrolled in an insurance policy, and are licensed by the state of Texas to provide moving services (check out this useful info from the Texas DMV). After covering these bases, you can continue to make an informed decision, and choose an expert that you feel secure contracting for your move.

3. Timing the Best Season to Relocation

Timing of your movement can be a vital aspect no matter the location you are shifting your properties and family. During the summer season, there are many apartments and choices available if an individual is looking forward to moving. However, winter can be one of the most difficult times to relocate to urban regions. Besides, most people choose to remain where they live at this period of the year. However, moving during the winter off-season might mean cheaper rates on moving services. Most moving companies offer discounted rates from October-February, since most people prefer not to move over the holidays or during the peak of the school year.

4. Personal Attention to Overcome Possible Challenges

Residents face stress and challenges when looking for the best moving companies. However, when they hire a trusted mover, the moves can be easier and less stressful.

Easing your transition is necessary, and if you keep the advice given by the mind above, you can find the right mover for your relocation to your new golf course residence.

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