Residential Movers Give Downsizing Tips for Moving into a Garden Home

Some people downsize to a smaller home to save money on housing expenses. Others, however, downsize after the kids move out because they simply do not need so much space any longer. For this reason, golf course garden homes have become all the rage among the aging population. They allow seniors and retirees access to a lovely community, without the burdens of maintaining a larger space.

Regardless of the reason why you are downsizing, you may now be faced with the incredible task of trying to reduce your belongings so that you can comfortably live in a substantially smaller space. These are some excellent tips from Cheap Movers NYC (433 Broadway #2, New York, NY 10013, (646) 570-1698, site) that may help you to make the transition to your new home easier. This NYC moving company helps lots of people with apartment moves, and they’re used to helping customers make the transition to a smaller space in the City. Here’s what they suggest doing:

1. Sort Your Items Into Separate Piles

When downsizing, it is best to eliminate unnecessary or unwanted items before you move. There is no need to pay movers to relocate items that you intend to get later rid of, and you may not have space in your new home to store unwanted items. Spend time sorting through each item that you own, and this is best accomplished by spending a few days in each room. Go through each closet, drawer, cabinet, and shelf to review your items one by one. Sort these items into piles based on what you intend to keep, what you plan to donate to charity and what you want to throw away. For items that you intend to keep, consider using storage bins to relocate items that will be stored rather than used in your new home. This makes organization and unpacking easier once you get to your new space.

Tips For Downsizing Your Home

2. Review Your New Home’s Floorplan

When you are trying to decide which major furnishings to keep or sell, review your new home’s floor plan. The only items that you transport to your new home should be items that you have space for and that you intend to use. Any other items should be donated to charity or sold before your moving day. This includes items that you intend to replace because they are outdated or worn. When you get into your new home, you will not have to worry about feeling cramped with too much furniture in your space.

3. Avoid Being a Packrat

Many people have boxes and bins of items that they want to hang onto for nostalgic reasons. This may include old books from college, baby clothes that your now-grown children wore and more. While keeping a few nostalgic pieces is nice, toting around dozens of boxes of things that you have not seen or used in years or even decades is not wise. You may not have room to store all of these items in your new home, so you may need to make some hard decisions about what you will keep or toss. Remember that your children may want to keep some of their items from childhood.

Downsizing into a new home may be a wonderful move for you to make in the long run, but it can seem stressful and complicated as you prepare for your move. You may need to get rid of many of your possessions as you get ready to relocate, and these tips can you to more easily navigate through this process.

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